Founded in London in 2019, Polymorphism is a record label where electronic music is the main protagonist, and practically any of its subgenres are welcome into the project.

Every release can be listened to and downloaded online free of charge, while the physical product itself will be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Polymorphism seeks to work with artists from all over the world in order to bring together different cultures and musical influences. Furthermore, supporting digital arts, socio-cultural events and non-profit organizations is a key part of the project.


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Leafy plains of incoherence between shadows until dawn

pm001 inverted cover

Written and produced by Alcarcia in Madrid between 2016 and 2019 with the vocal collaboration of Tshiu Tshi and remixed by Hector MAD (Spain), Solarmental (Georgia), Neri J (Denmark) and JLTZ (Italy). Mastered by Rubén Montesco and Manufactured by Press Your Beat.


  • Leafy Plains Of Incoherence Between Shadows Until Dawn
  • Alcarcia
  • PM001
  • 10/12/2019
pm001 cover
  • 1. Plain 1 05:52
  • 2. Plain 2 05:36
  • 3. Plain 3 05:04
  • 4. Plain 4 05:34
  • 5. Plain 1 (Hector MAD remix) 06:12
  • 6. Plain 2 (Solarmental remix) 05:49
  • 7. Plain 3 (Neri J remix) 05:56
  • 8. Plain 4 (JLTZ remix) 06:05

Second Release

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Alcarcia image

Is an electronic music producer based in Madrid (Spain), who is keen on acid sounds like 303, Didgeridoo and so on, mixed with harsh and/or clean ambient stuff, but not necessarily. Somedays I feel more melancolic and others more energetic but it doesn’t matter...

Humans have hormones and they are in constant changes. In fact, nothing matters, you are going to die as I’ll do and all the life on Earth.

Hector MAD

Hector MAD image

Great lover of vinyl, format in which it shapes his skill and passion when making his sets. It is characterized by three-decks style, an explosive technique and speed movement, including Grooveboxes and synthesizers.

In two decades contributing to the national techno scene, his sets have sounded in a multitude of events, raves, private parties, festivals and first level clubs, sharing session with great names of national and international scene.


Solarmental image

Solarmental (aka Gio Gugava) is techno producer from Tbilisi, Georgia. His music is dark, full of dramatic melodies and mystic voices. Similar to research of sounds and rhythms, his sets are not only 4x4 techno, but also broken beats and raw experiments.

Giving priority to cold, atmospheric and mental sounds, Solarmental takes you to the battle of light and darkness.

Neri J

Neri J remix

Founder of the Vortex parties in copenhagen and resident at Ved siden Af club,the music of Neri J breaks the boundaries between techno and genres like acid , hardcore and trance. Hard hitting with high intensity and never resting in her delivery, these are the trademarks of Neri J.


JLTZ remix

Jacopo Lattanzio aka JLTZ is a DJ and producer born in Rome in 1991. Music has been his shelter since boyhood, starting with hip hop and then moving on to electronic music.

It has become a channel to connect his emotions to the outer world developing a sensibility which changed his approach to life. Music is the source of inspiration which influences his thoughts and actions, an abstract alternative to a pragmatic reality.